1954 Chevrolet Corvette

Posted on: Tue, 01/24/2017 - 17:05 By: admin

America's First Sports Car! Agile Performance, Sensational Styling and Luxurious Comfort! From it's "Power Packed Chassis", this baby sports a "Blue Flame 150" Six Cylinder with 3 side-draft carbs and a Power-Glide auto tranz! ! Combined with it's Streamlined Lightweight (410lb) Body, all together these baby's touted 1 Horsepower per 21 pounds! Nimble to say the least! Only 14 ft long and weighing it at 2850 lbs! Incredible, front (53%) to Rear (47%) weight distribution ratio, it's handling was even and tight! "Knee Action" front suspension and a outrigger style 4 leaf rear! Huge 11" drum brakes to Stop Ya! MOOOV On Over!! 

GO on to the Facts! You betcha! Ok this cute little 54 Vetteroosky is sure to please! Let's start with less than 500 mile's on a 5 year young Total-Body-Off restoration! Correct in just about every way possible! Not a Nut, Bolt or Screw was left un-turned! Over $40,000 Bones in restoration costs alone, Not to mention the Lady herself! If you will take the time to view the extensive photos and sub pages, you will find a true beauty, indeed! What a Dream she is to Drive! While driving her with the Top off and the stock dual exhaust sound exiting thru the rear bumper's, you feel like you are traveling back in time! A real sweet and pleasing sound fer sure! You could get lost with this one on purpose! I got lost in 35 degree weather and never shivered, really! Every traffic light is a new experience with grins, smiles and admiration! No, it does not drive like your SUV or Luxury Car!! This one has character and you may find yourself talking to a car! Take it to any local show and draw crowds! Yes she is a real 1954 Vetterooksy BABE!! Crack yer Checkbook open and buy some stock in early American Sports Car History!!! Ok I will shut-up if you will shut-up and bid! BUY NOW!! $47500.00 Or as I always Say! Ya Snooze, Ya Lose!

Known Items: Sweet and Solid! Appears correct! No stone appears to be left un-turned! An above average complete restoration with perfection in mind being obvious! NICE CAR! Not Perfect and Not New but darn near! Complete with black soft top and side curtain windows! A fun car that is sure to please! Bid with confidence! Let the pictures tell the rest of the story and make sure you visit the sub-pages!  I offer No Guarantees, Only Opinions!