1951 Lincoln Cosmopolitan

Posted on: Thu, 01/19/2017 - 17:21 By: admin

Shazam and Batta Bing! Here's a real doozie fer ya! Wanna Draw crowds where ever you go? Who need's an early 50's Merc when you can have a Lincoln? Grab yer drool towel because it is all you will need to enjoy this SPECTACULAR & CAPTIVATING SHOW GIRL! This 35,846 actual mile Jewel has been Creatively Enhanced while retaining Her Original Beauty, Power and Luxury! Simply better than new and capable of SHOWING under any light's and against the Best! So there ya have it, a good solid original Lincoln recently painstakingly restored to perfection for pure enjoyment! JAW DROPPING IN PERSON PRESENCE!

This Cosmopolitan definitely reaches for the Stars! You MUST take the time to Visit the sub-pages of pictures to get the rest of the story! But, read on for my narrative that will not cover it all! To start with, her entire original presence was disassembled for the ultimate BODY OFF restoration. The frame was stripped and treated to an everlasting Powder Coat Finish! Suspension wise she was equipped with Four inch dropped spindles in the front along with 2 inch shorter Posi springs. In the rear, the springs were rebuilt and reverse eyed along with Four Inch Lowering Blocks! Sitting in the weeds but yet standing tall!