1939 Chevrolet Master Deluxe 4 Door Sedan

Posted on: Wed, 01/11/2017 - 18:44 By: admin

Whoa! Is this babe Fat-n-Low or What?? When is the last time you saw a chopped 4 door sedan?? Not only that, one that's had 2 inches added to each fender and big block Olds 455 power? The ultimate statement of "How to Be Different in a Family Street Rod"! Pack em in and you are ready to hit the road to the Show! The ultimate people mover with tons of Trophy's to prove it's sex appeal! Better yet, you can drive this lady! Fat-N-Low is the only way to go!

A complete frame-off restoration! The body on this babe is just PLUM WILD! Most folks know that it takes a pro to chop a rod correctly, it is a very challenging proposition let alone in a 2dr but when you have 4 doors it takes twice as much work! Shear craftsmanship, patience and countless hours! With the Lid chopped 3 inches the rest of the body needed to be brought into proportion! The factory steel front fenders were stitched with an amazing 2" inch stretch while 2" wider custom steel running boards connected to 2" inch wider fiberglass rear fenders! Yep you have it right, 3' inches off the top and a whopping 4" inches wider front & rear! Drop it down low and go! Whoa! The rest of the body was massaged to perfection with hood latches removed, shaved deck lid, frenched license plate, hidden antenna, original grill rebuilt/chromed, running board lamps and finished in a lickable "Amethyst" deep purple metallic that will drive you PLUM WILD! Imagine seeing this babe in your rear view mirror, sooper slick! 7 Best of Show Picks!

While the body was off, the factory chassis was strengthened/modified to to accept a late model OLDS front clip, Ford 9" inch rear differential and Power Disc Brakes on all 4 corners! Inserted between her stretched legs is a mighty powerful Heartbeat consisting of a 455 Oldsmobile Rocket Big Block with a Mild Cam hooked to a Turbo 400 Auto Tranz! The fuel is fed thru a Offenhauser 360 4bbl intake manifold & 750cfm Holley Dual Fed Double Pumper! Everything is ignited with a Uni-Lite Billet Distributor with Hi-Energy Chrome Coil and 8mm plug wires. It's spent fuel passes thru big-tube Heddman Headers connected to Flowmaster Exhaust! The big block tunes played out the tailpipes is simply, AWESOME! Purple Accent lights reside under the hood! The rest was dressed with Chrome and Billet! You Thug! YES, it has power steering, silly you! Enough? Uncle, Not Yet!

Now slide inside into an Incredible Custom Sculptured contrasting combination of Gray & Plum Tweed with 8 "Best Interior" Trophy's/Plaques! Open the doors wide, all aboard!! Now feast yer eyes on a custom BURL WOOD Dashboard equipped with a nice set of VDO Classic Instruments! Reach to the left and hit the POWER WINDOWS and/or reach to the right and flip on the Airtique AIR CONDITIONING! Rain? Flip on the Power Wipers! Grab the billet "Revolver" Steering Wheel that match the exterior "Revolver" wheels and Tilt the Column! All wiring is provided by "California Re-Wire"! Lokar Linkage pops her into gear! For additional tunes, Grab the remote that controls the trunk mounted 10 DISC CD Player, Amp & AM FM Stereo that can be remote controlled while parked in your lawn chair at the show in the park!