1927 Ford Track T Roadster

Posted on: Tue, 01/10/2017 - 17:16 By: admin

This well designed automobile takes Fun to a whole new level of excitement! Created by a Rocket Scientist (Aerospace Engineer), a Hand Built Roadster that would take over 3 years to complete. Engineered to retain Classic lines while providing Performance, Braking and Handling! All wrapped in one Tight Lightweight Package!In the performance category, how about a Twin Over Head Cam GM Quad Four fitted with an Inter-Cooled Turbo Charger?

Equipped with an SDS Computer, you can crank this baby from 250hp to 450hp! Power transfer is connected thru a tight shifting close ratio Tremec 5-Speed manual transmission. The sports car type handling is supported by a fully independent coil-over front suspension, rack-n-pinion steering and traditional four bar coil-over mounted rear differential. All of this is nicely tucked into a custom square tube frame with tubular supports.

Finally resting on a set of Boyd Coddington Junk Yard Dogs 20 rear/17 front give this very drivable rod a nostalgic, yet high tech look.This lightweight combination produces a comfortable ride, excellent handling, rapid acceleration, incredible power to weight ratio and superb fun factor drivability! Hop inside to a driver's compartment that was ergonomically designed to accommodate up to a 6' driver comfortably. Navigation is provided by a full gauge package including gas, oil, temp, volt, speedometer, tachometer & turbo boost gauge.

The rest is tastefully tucked with quality leatherette and hand fitted carpet. It's slick glass body is finished in a deep black base-coat/clear-coat and laid back windscreen! Nice!