1926 Ford Model T Righteous Roadtser

Posted on: Wed, 01/04/2017 - 21:29 By: admin

Oh boy here is a combination that adds the dimension of family to motorcycle enjoyment! Oh Honey we can teach the kids the joy of wind in their hair and/or you can rest while I ride! Of course, I could think of other fun examples as my imagination runs away but I will spare you and get on with the show!

Ok, this 2,316 mile Heritage Softail was purchased brand spanking at the Harley Dealer on Feb 17th, 2000 by the current owner! Shortly thereafter it was treated to the addition of a loaded California Companion GT sidecar that retails for over $7500 bones new! Your passenger will be comfortable and safe! Spendy Features include: Electric Lean adjustment, Steering Dampener, 16 HD Wheel/Tire, Sidecar Brake System, Chrome Mounting Hardware, Driving Light, Storage Compartment, Tonneau Cover, Jensen Stereo w/Cassette, Adjustable Foot Bar, Seat Belt, Interior Courtesy Lights, 12V Accessory Receptacle, Deluxe Seating and Carpet Kit! Well!!........ Honey.... Can I!!